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Our Accommodation

Our garden cabins and elegant colonial houses all include their own balcony, private bathroom, air-conditioning, WIFI and all necessities to ensure that your stay with us will be most comfortable.

On-property Rentals

Rent a paddle board and explore the long canals of the plantation. Feeling adventurous? Take your board out on the Commewijne River and enjoy the waves and breathtaking view.

Kayaking at Frederiksdorp can be both an adventurous as well as a peaceful experience. Spot various birds and monkeys while you paddle down the canals and explore hidden creeks.

Rent a raft and enjoy the view of the mangrove forest in pairs of 2 while trying to keep your balance. This recreational outdoor activity let’s you explore the gorgeous river in a fun and active way.

Take your bait and fishing rod and go out to catch some Tilapia fish at the canals of Frederiksdorp, while enjoying the gorgeous surinamese nature that surrounds you. It is also possible to go fishing in the large pond or the wide Commewijne  river.

You can rent bicycles at Plantage Frederiksdorp to cycle along the vast plantations. It is also possible to book a bike tour with the company of an experienced guide, that can tell stories about history and nature along the way, and shows you hidden gems that you wouldn’t have found on your own.


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